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There are many benefits to be had; Air to breathe is one of them, in addition to supplying enough oxygen to keep us alive, a mature tree will 'soak up' carbon dioxide every second of every day, in it's lifetime it will have extracted over one ton.

We all need to do our bit to ensure that the next generation of earthdwellers still have lots of trees (and air to breathe).


A seedling - hopefully one day it will be a magnificent chestnut tree. - June 19th 2019. Can trees have names?

Lets increase the number of trees on our planet. Planting an additional two trillion would be a good starting point.

Afforestation and Reforrestation, along with other measures, can halt and reverse Global Warming - How is this to be done?  - Can You help? Let's all set aside some time to join with others in restoring forests and woodland Our survival could depend on learning to cherish our trees. We can all do some or all of the following:-
Along with other measures we can halt and reverse Global Warming!
  • Plant a tree in your garden, or somewhere where it is likely to survive to maturity
  • Join a group of volunteers working to protect trees and forests.
  • Removing invasive species and aggressive weeds, especially ivy and other vines from trees and the wrong species of  plans on forest floors.
  • Purchase Offsets that result in tree planting. We will add organisations that offer Offsetting to our links page.
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