Trees are Cool - They are The Best - Plant a Tree!

Our trees and forests are a wonderful free resource, just being surrounded by trees for a while raises most people's spirits.

There are more benefits; Increased tree cover can help slow the rising air and sea temperatures and this helps to slow rising sea levels, it can stop and even reverse the loss of fertile land to encroaching deserts, trees planted upstream of land affected by flooding can be less seriously affected. The severity and frequency of forest fires is a function of global heating which can be fixed by growing more trees.

I need Oxygen, you need Oxygen, we all need Oxygen. In addition to supplying the oxygen to keep us alive, a mature tree will 'soak up' something we have far too much of; carbon dioxide, believe it or not, trees can fix this as well. Every day of the year, in it's lifetime a good-sized tree will have extracted over one ton of CO2.

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We all need to do our bit to ensure that the next generation of earthdwellers still have lots of trees (and as a result air to breathe).

So plant a tree, get your friends to plant a tree. Plant ten trees, plant a thousand trees, plant a million trees, why not let's plant a trillion trees...

It is a duty that we inform our children just how critically important are the trees and the benefits of restoring woodland everywhere.

Action is an Imperative. Let's do it.

Lets increase the number of trees on our planet. Planting an additional two trillion would be a good starting point. Planting trees and protecting and restoring forests, along with other measures, can halt and reverse Global Warming - How is this to be done?  - Can You help? - Let's all set aside some time to join with others in restoring forests and woodland Our survival could depend on learning to cherish our trees. We can all do some or all of the following:-

Along with other measures we can halt and reverse Global Heating!
  • Plant a tree in your garden, or somewhere where it is likely to survive to maturity
  • Join a group of volunteers working to protect trees and forests.
  • Remove or replace invasive species and aggressive weeds on the forest floor, also damaging vines and ivy.
  • Purchase Offsets that result in tree planting.
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