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Q: Cleaning Deep Fryer Oil Our question concerns the cleaning of used deep fryer oil.  Can it be cleaned and reused for future frying? Also the best way for disposal? -- Reply

A: There are industrial scale processes that are used to recycle used cooking oils, however cooking oils accumulate carcinogenic and other damaging substances so it is safer to discard or use as fuel etc -- Dr Richard Craigie 

Q: Rust Stains: Off -White Berber Carpet  I have recently noticed that quite a few rust stains have appeared on my  Berber carpet from the legs of furniture. The metal nail under the leg must  have been in contact with water or dampness ... I have a great steam cleaner  which gets out nearly all stains, but has been ineffective with the rust.  Anyone have any ideas? Thank you. -- LJM Reply 

A: Rust stains  To remove the stain, rub with lemon juice and salt. Leave it several hours. It's even more effective when placed in the sun. Wash as normal. - - Patti   Seizetheday

A: Rust stains In Australia we have a product called Rustiban available at pharmacies only. It's a tiny plastic bottle with liquid in it of which one only needs a drop or two onto the cloth which has been moistened with water. Rust spots disappear while you watch. I t works wonderfully. Only on white cotton as far as I know. Don't get it on your fingers or skin as it is corrosive --  Maroof  

A: Rust stains I believe that there is also a stain Devil available for rust on fabric.  Oxalic acid is sometimes suggested in old books on stain removal, however it is poisonous and should only be used with caution. -- www.qznaz.com/stains

A: Stain Devils  Hi, I notice in the how to remove stains section, someone recommended "Stain Devil" and implied that it was not readily available, except in the UK. If you ask your search engine to find "Westons", they are a pharmaceutical supply company that advertise on the web, and have "Stain Devils" for all manner of stains. -- P.J.Morant.

Q: Avoiding Aluminum  In a health tips page they suggested that people avoid aluminum, how do I know what foods contains it?. What I have read about it makes me worry that my children are building up the metal in their brains and that they will have problems in later life. Reply

A: To Essie2000: It is unlikely that you will completely avoid aluminum in food. Aluminum is the most abundant metal in the earths crust. The question you should be asking is how any aluminum can enter your brain and what you can do to avoid it. -- "J. B. Rivera"   Aug 00

Q: Silly putty  We have silly putty on light color berber carpet, it is right in a door way, so I hate to experiment & maybe leave a bigger stain. It had been there quite some time before we discovered it--that may make it harder to come up??  Thanks. -- J Hammond (Ref:0452)

A: We are not absolutely sure what will work but you could try applying ice or dry ice and breaking up the material ( the common solution for chewing gum) You would probably have to do it PDQ or the bits will soften and fall back in to the carpet. You could also experiment with cooking oil, white spirit or WD40 -- Fiona McIlroy  Please let us know if it works

Answer#2: In regard to removing the silly putty from my carpet - I tried the ice cube - nothing happened. I have some GOO GONE , it says not to apply directly to carpet, so I placed some on a cloth & blotted the silly putty -- I worked! Took a little effort but can't tell where it was! Thanks for your help anyway -- J. Hammond 

Answer#3: Silly Putty  Put wd 40 on it let it sit for 10 minutes then using rubbing alcohol blot it until it is gone -- Jensue

Answer#4: Silly Putty. I had silly putty all over my sheets bedding, son's pj's. I used GOOF OFF, similar to GOO GONE. IT WORKED!!!!! -- Nyeatesdds 1/11/08

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