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Q: Gardening. We are having trouble with our neighbours male dog urinating on our hostas, etc. What can I do or put on or near the plants to keep him from doing this? I heard there is some kind of hot red pepper solution mix or using moth balls. Also, will this same solution keep squirrels, etc., from eating off these plants?. -- Reply (Ref:0018)  

Q: Rodents  I think that squirrels or some other rodent is nipping buds off my tulips and poppies. What can I do? -- Reply (Ref:0671)

A: Pepper or chili powder is effective at discouraging small mammals. I know it succeeds with cats and dogs. -- Davina Martin

Q: Screen Lotion Smears. How do I remove screen lotion white smears from my car's black vinyl dashboard??? -- ruelens Reply  (Ref: 0101)

A: Try WD40 -- Davina Martin

Q: Cleaning Brass.  I want a inexpensive and natural way to clean my cymbals. I tried lemon juice but that will take forever and a day! If you can help me in any way I would appreciate it! Thanks, Tyler Ross, Toledo,Ohio Reply  (Ref:0103)

Answer#1: Lemon juice on tissues left overnight followed by a polish can work wonders. Ketchup and other bottled sauces left on for a time is quite effective too. -- http://www.qznaz.com

Answer#2: Cleaning Brass! I use to clean houses and we used lysol for brass fixtures. However, I have a brass chandelier and the person who gave it to me said to use liquid fabric softener! It not only works but smells awesome too!! I hope this helps! -- Meranda Comment

Answer#3: Cleaning Brass! The VERY BEST home cleaning for tarnish, rust , etc is plain BAKING SODA. Pour you some in a bowl and add just enough water to make a paste and put it on. For tough rust, rub paste on and and let it sit for a few minutes, rub and rinse. Also is a EXCELLENT deodoriser --  Robbie Comment

Q: Polishing brass, etc -  I have heard of a method of dipping tarnished copper, brass or silver in a mixture of baking soda, hot water and something else in a container lined with aluminum foil. Does anybody know the rest of this method or any other easy, effectiveone?  Sincerely,   -- Roxanne Smith Reply   (Ref:0105)

Answer Ref: 0105 Dear Roxanne, The missing ingredient for cleaning tarnished copper, silver or brass is salt -- Anon  

Caution: The process removes a layer of metal so this method should not be used on antique or valuable items, it will remove gold plating very quickly. Ed

Cleaning Clothes Iron.  I have an clothes iron with a Teflon bottom and it has developed a sticky film on the bottom which could have been from spray starch build-up. When the iron heats up the iron can not move freely across the particular item I am ironing. Can you please give me a name of a product or some home remedy to remove the sticky film from the bottom of the iron. thank you.-- "Plut, Frank" Reply  (Ref:0106)  

Q: Cleaning the surface of an iron  I ironed something that has left a sticky residue on the face of my iron. What is the best way to clean it so it doesn't stick to other clothes I'm trying to iron? -- Reply (Ref:0107)  

Answer Ref: 0106 A contributor (Simon Thorne) suggested cleaning toasters which had burned on bread wrappers adhering to them with acetone or nail varnish remover, perhaps it would work on the residue on your iron (when it has cooled down)" -- http://www.qznaz.com/ 

Q: Paint on concrete -- My son and his friends spray painted a bike on my concrete patio!!!!!!  how to get  the paint off ,or maybe repainting it?? I've seen that done on hgtv channel,THANK  YOU -- Reply (Ref:0108)

Answer Ref: 0108 The best way to deal with the problem is to get them to do it!. I recently removed paint on a stone fireplace with some Garnet Paper. The whole fireplace had to be cleaned as the patch where the abrasive was used was much lighter. Make the horrors suffer!!!!!! --

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