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Q: Dirty Silverware Hi, We have a set of silverware that has been in our family for many years. We would like to use the silverware tomorrow for dinner guests, but don't know how to clean it. We can't use anything toxic because obviously we will be using these utensils to eat with! I know you said to boil it with Borax, but we don't have that, and I was wondering if there was any household items to clean silver, such as lemon juice, vinegar,  etc.?  (Ref:0117)

Answer Ref: 0117  Lemon juice works quite well because of the acids in it, but its slow. 

Q: Cleaning irons - how do you clean the gunk off of the bottom of an iron? -- Alvin L. Clark" Reply   (Ref:0119)

Answer Ref: 0119  A previous contributor suggested using nail varnish remover or acetone. Those steel wool pads with soap in them work pretty good as well -- www.qznaz.com 

Answer Ref: 0119  I don't know about the shirt but in Australia we have a product called Hi speed,Hot Iron Clean. It's a small tube with a light brown "toothpaste" consistency brown stuff. Put some on a clean cloth a run the hot iron over it. You may have to repeat it. Works well. JM  

A: Iron Gunk Remover Tip --   I'm not sure where your from but in the US, WalMart stores now carry a product that removed the stuff from the underside of the iron.  The come in small 1 " to 2" tubes.  You heat the iron, put the stuff on the hot iron, wipe away stinky stuff (for me its stitch witchery since I quit using it) with a cotton cloth that can handle the heat.  Then when it cools down, I use a soap/water rag to clean it again.  This product at Walmart is usually where they sell the tub hangers and there are two tubes per package for less than $2. Also, peanut butter will remove gum.  It dissolves it.  I managed to fall asleep when little and my mom/grandma used it to get the gum out of my hair without the need for a buzz job hair cut! Cathi -- Catherine Banks Comment

A: Stuck on Gunk on iron  Try using a product called "Goof-Off" available at Walmart, Home Depot ,Canadian Tire or any hardware or paint store. -- Rob Glory  Comment

Hint for cleaning silver - Do you have a formula for cleaning silver using baking soda and foil. Thank You Dee R. -- Dee Riechman" Reply  (Ref:0120)

Answer Ref: 0120  Several books on tips describe this method. All that is required is aluminum foil, an insulating container, water and sodium bicarbonate or salt -- Ed

A: Cleaning Silver. CAUTION There is a method of cleaning silver with baking soda and tin foil but it will "skin" your silver by removing the patina that gives old silver it's mellow look ................ it will also instantly remove gold wash if there is any ............... I found this out the hard way ............ I highly recommend Wright's siver cream ........................ and if necessary a lil elbo grease...... 'memkat' Comment

Caution: The process removes a layer of metal so this method should not be used on sliver plated, antique or valuable items, it will remove gold plating very quickly. Ed

Burnt chicken I have burned chicken in my T-Fal no stick skillet. How do I clean the burned residue from the skillet?  --(Ref:0126)

Answer Ref: 0126 Try leaving overnite with a biological washing powder solution. Remember to rinse well before using the pan again. -- essie2000  

Q:Q: Cleaning Silver -- It seems to me I've read that silver items such as bracelets, silverware and smaller items can be effectively cleaned by boiling them in a solution of water and something. I tried vinegar but that didn't work. Do you know anything about this? Many thanks -- Alan S. Lindquist Reply (Ref:0127)

Answer Ref: 0127: I read in one of the books I have that boiling briefly in borax and leaving for a time (caution toxic) can clean silver -- www.qznaz.com 

Q: Coffee Stains - I need to know how to get coffee stains out of a metal coffee thermos. it is too small to get in it and scrub. Please help, it is used every day. -- "shogan" Reply  

A:   - Put in a small amount of powered dishwasher detergent (for example, Cascade), fill with hot water, let sit or agitate by shaking the carafe. Rinse thoroughly, and the carafe will sparkle like new. Karen  --   Karen Zachary Comment

A: I once had to do something similar and I used metal scouring pads and swirled them round inside the flask. It took some time but it worked. Ordinary chlorine bleach works too. I have read that baking soda can remove coffee and tea stains -- Ed

Answer:   Put ice cubes and salt together in the container and swish. Even scorched coffee pots will clean up quick with no scrubbing! -- Shari Claborn, Comment  

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