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Q: Lighter fluid smell on clothing.  My son's friend put an open bottle of lighter fluid in the trunk of his car. It saturated coats and other clothing, as well as the trunk liner. I don't have a clue on how to remove it. Thanks for any help you can give me. -- "Rob Rogers" Reply  (Ref:0125)

A: I have the same problem; only mine is a kerosene spill. We are using vinegar right now, it doesn't seem to help. It has been very humid and it hasn't dried thoroughly. I have heard of some products called Neu-troda by Tankit Co. and Odor-Neutralizer that may be purchased from a fuel oil dealer. I am not sure how well they work. Anybody out there have any ideas? - Beth Weir

Sink smells. What's the best way to deodorize sink drains made of PVC?  -- Lisa Rae Reply

A: Ordinary Chlorine Bleach will quickly neutralize smells coming from sinks undiluted or diluted 1:1. Sometimes sinks smell because the water trap in a "u bend" is not effective -- www.hints-n-tips.com 

Answer: Bi-carbonate sprinkled in the sink and add vinegar. It will fizz and should reduce the smell -- Anon

Q: Spilled milk in Car. My friend spilled milk in the car and although it was sponged right away there is still an odor in the car. She has tried baking soda as well. Any suggestions -- Helen Barkhouse Reply (

A: There are dry powder preparations that are designed for carpets. Proprietary odor treatments are also quite effective -- www.qznaz.com (Ref:0051)

Smelly silk fabric. I need some help. I just bought a dress that's made of natural rough Chinese silk, and when I washed it the dress smells of raw silk. How can I get it out of this lovely dress without ruining the fabric? -- Reply (Ref:0274)

A: Have you tried Febreeze? --Judy Comment   

A: If you are using fabric deodorants it is prudent to wait until the spray has dried completely before wearing the garment or using the fabric object, especially pet pillows, as some of these sprays are a bit toxic and have been known to cause illnesses in pets. We have even had a reader say that a friend had lost an expensive parrot through using such a spray. www.qznaz.com

A: I had the same problem. I washed the suit in cold water and then put a cup of lemon juice in the rinse water. There is now no smell on the suit. I am not yet sure if I will have to repeat the treatment the next time I launder the suit. www.qznaz.com

 Q: Smell of paint thinners. Can you please advise if you know of a way to get rid of the smell of paint thinner? Thank you -- Reply  (Ref:0277)

A: Paint Thinner Odor on Car Seat. As  soon as I spilled it I got out the Bissel Green Clean Machine, sucked  up what I could, and used their cleaner on the seat. I then sat the car  out side with the windows down and everything.  Thank you -- Jonathan Rundle 

A: The smell of solvents do eventually go on their own. Just make sure that the room is properly ventilated -- www.qznaz.com 

Q: Flies!! Help!! This spring there seems to be a million Flies in my home. It is starting to feel like a B movie! I spray Raid at night, but by afternoon they are back. Any suggestions? -- zeig  Reply

A: Try this, it's worked for me. Boil a whole bulb of cut up garlic until it's soft. Put it into a gallon of water and add 1 tablespoon of biodegradable Detergent. Let it sit for a day, then strain and spray. Also, planting parsley around your roses will help keep aphids away -- Anon

Q: Chair Leg Bottoms   Is there an easy way to remove the bottom protectors on chairs? I assume they are driven in on production but I don't want to mess up the chair leg bottoms. I want to replace the buttons with rollers. Thanks, -- Bill Reply  

A: Try drilling thru the protector and then drilling into the wood at a different diameter. If you chose the drill sizes correctly you should have a good strong mount -- Les Salvatore Chicago

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