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Q: Removal of old sticky shelf paper  Does anyone know an easy way to remove contact paper from a shelf. I heated it and it won't budge. It is the sticky kind that obviously is meant to be permanent!! Thank you Kathy A. Wiley Reply  (Ref:0654)

A: Remove Shelf Paper, ( Ref:0654)  Try a product called Goof Off. It removes glue so if it will permeate the shelf paper or if you can get an edge started it should do the job. Phone hardware stores to find it.  -- Judy Steele  3 Aug 2002

Judy Steele, MTP (Master of Transpersonal Psychology)
Counselor, Coach, Teacher, Healer, Writer
Flower Essence Practitioner, Dynamind Practitioner, Huna Teacher
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Eden Prairie MN 55344

Q: Heat spots on dining table. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get rid of heat spots on an oak table top? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Roxey. -- Reply (Ref:0011)  

A: (Ref:0011 Hot pan on oak table Reply  You need to remove the black scorch mark, then re-colour the wood if it's stained. Try sanding the area very lightly with a very fine sandpaper. You can purchase a crayon-like colouring stick from some furniture stores. Sand an inconspicuous area first and try shoe nugget or coloured wax to put back the wood colour before trying it on the table top. Another tip is cigarette ash rubbed on with a soft cloth in a circular motion. I've never tried that one myself, but it's an old "Wives Tale" remedy. Has to be only a light scorch though. --  Organiser New Zealand

Q: PPS file. How do I open a .pps file? Hugo "hugo zagarolo" -- Reply   (Ref:0572)

A: pps files are presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint and you need to have the program loaded on to your computer, either that or a "viewer program" which  works with pps documents -- Davina M

Q: Dying clothes. My daughter wears uniform skirts to school and I recently had to let the hems out of them to finish the last two months of school. The plaid skirts did not show a "previous hemline". I've heard that the solid navy skirts can be dyed with Rit dye. Now, I have 4 khaki skirts with a lighter khaki ring running 2 inches up from the bottom of each skirt. The skirts are made of 60% cotton/40% polyester. I have not dyed anything since the 60's when we had fun tie-dying our T-shirts. I've searched the net and have a few ideas but am a little squeamish as I don't want to have to purchase new uniforms so close to the end of the school year. Anyone with experience in dying the "previous hemlines" for this type of fabric, your input will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely -- B Pharless - Reply (Ref:0022)

A: Dylon makes dye pens that sound like the answer to your problem - if you can find the right color -- Regards Roxanne 

Q: Antique Spittoon. I have an antique spittoon that is tarnished so bad it looks like it is painted brown any Idea of how to make it a little easy on me to get it off I really like the old look but would like it more if it was polished (this thing is from the 1800's). -- "Jim Silva" Reply (Ref:0024)

A: The brown coloration could be the most valuable part of the spittoon! (who says I exaggerate?) We do not have a resident antiques expert here on the site but I have heard of people who have polished off the patina on a metal antique and by doing so halved its value. -- www.qznaz.com  

A: I agree with www.qznaz.com. I am not an expert but I hear it all the time on the Antique Road Show. Best thing to do is let it alone unless your positive you don't ever want to sell it and possibly make a small fortune. Have a nice day. -- Patti Seizetheday  

A: Tarnished antique spitoon. You queried regarding the removal of tarnish. DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it's truly an antique, its value will be significantly diminished by polishing!!!!!!! This applies to ALL antiques. When in doubt, just leave the item alone. The patina that comes from age is desirable to those that value such things. Regards, Kjycollector Comment. Jun 25 2007

Q: How to stop bread going mouldy. I have just brought a bread maker and pottery storage jar to keep the made loaves in - how can I stop the bread moulding within a few days? -- Reply (Ref:0031)

A: Including salt in the bread makes it last longer but slows the yeast's gas producing process and if too much is used can kill the yeast altogether (Yeast is probably not too different from mould). I keep my bread in the freezer and find that it tastes better after freezing -- Anon   

Reply: Thanks very much for the tip - it was too obvious for me to think of! I'll certainly try it tomorrow!    

Q: Moving heavy furniture. We have hardwood floors and furniture slides easily, but if I move the piano, it leaves marks (indentations?) on the floor. How can I move it without marking the floor? -- BLH711   Reply (Ref:0034)

Q: Soot on wall. A small amount of soot on painted/textured walls, what is the best thing to use to remove it with? --Teri1960 Reply  (Ref:0070)

A: Try vacuuming of the free soot and apply some talcum powder or fullers earth to the remaining mark. I haven't tried this myself so no guarantees  www.qznaz.com  

Q: Smelly house. My boyfriends house has this smell..... I can't explain it, but candles aren't doing the trick and Lysol makes it smell worse. Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Also, is there any way to unclog a drain without drain or any unclogging products? -- Karl Kloeden Reply  (Ref:0037)

A: Try to locate and remove the the source of the smell. Is it possible that a dead rodent or bird is under the floorboards? Sodium Hydroxide (caustic soda) can unblock drains but is dangerous and, it can sometimes make the problem worse if it combines with the blocking material. Proprietary drain clearing products are much safer and more effective. -- www.qznaz.com  

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