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A: Rubber cement thinner which you can buy at most art supply stores and some office supply stores removes most adhesives used on labels. Scrape off as much of the paper from the label as possible before applying the thinner and rubbing with a cloth or paper towel. It works great on glass, Formica and most non porous surfaces but will cloud many plastics. Also, it is extremely flammable. Lighter fluid often will also remove rubber based adhesives -- Bob Lipson

Q: Angora sweater shedding. Can you suggest a solution to the shedding of an angora sweater? I would love to wear this beautiful dressy silver sweater but dancing with my husband in his dark suit is not such a good thing. Thanks -- Joann Buhler Reply  (Ref:0048)

A: Put the angora sweater in a plastic bag and then put it into the freezer for several hours before wearing it. I really don't know why this works but it does -- Nancy Abu-Ayyash 

A: Better quality sangora sweaters don't shed nearly as much as the cheaper variety -- Essie 2000

Q:  Musty smell. Hi, I own a 50-year old home that, in a couple of the bedrooms, there is a constant "musty" smell.  Is there a product or home remedy out there that will help to eliminate this odour?  -- Janet Prosser Reply (Ref:0055)

A: Try Damp Rid -- Janice

A: Musty Smell. Two parts cornflour and 1 part borax  -- Kathy Luten

Q:  Re-using soap bars. has any body any ideas about re-cycling soap bars that have become too small to use? can you re-make them into bigger bars? Thanks - Mustafa Askari Reply (Ref:0057)

A: Utilising these little pieces of soap that are always left over. Add a little glycerine and mash them up with a little warm water and you will have a liquid soap that is gentle and economical --Essie Comment

Q: Moths in the Pantry. HELP!! Every spring season brings moths to my pantry that wont leave till fall!!! I've tried moth crystals in there but they wont go away! They also eat through plastic bags and get into everything. I would put everything in jars, but the cabinets are not that big. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!! -- Kenneth Rehmer Reply (Ref:0068)

Answer Moths in Pantry #1: We had similar problem, complete elimination of the grubs is the way we did it. We had to regularly check all the stored foodstuff and keep nuts flour and grain in airtight containers. -- Sara Brightwell

Answer#2: Freeze your perishables such as flour, beans etc then stow in sealed containers. -- Patti

Answer#3: To get rid of the moths, hang an onion sack with cedar balls in the pantry. Gotta go... Wishing you days of sunshine and hope -- Judy,

Q: Dust from Jersey Pea Stone. I recently built a dog kennel and used small white stone for the dog pen area. The problem is that the dogs get full of the dust and track it all over the house. I've sprayed the stone, used fabric softener, and it's rained about 10 times since I put it down. All these things have not cured the problem. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What can you do beside pave over with cement? -- Michael Hiller Reply (Ref:0088)

A: Have a chat with a builder, there are sealants that can trap the dust. Mention the fact that it is for a dog pen as some chemical treatments may be unsuitable -- Anon

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