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Q: Aphid & Insecticide Soap. I hope that maybe someone out there may have the "formula" for insecticide soap. I've got an outbreak of aphids and need help. -- Sandi Sandi Larson Reply  

A:  Try this, it's worked for me. Boil a whole bulb of cut up garlic until its soft. Put it into a gallon of water and add 1 tablespoon of biodegradable Detergent. Let it sit for a day, then strain and spray. Also, planting parsley around your roses will help keep aphids away -- Anon 

Can you help me  please. I spilled candle wax all over my favorite jeans and I can not seem to find away to get it out . In desperate need of help !!! Thanks -- Jennifer Reply 

A: I know that candle wax can be dissolved in carbon tetrachloride, however it is toxic and should not be used indoors, methyl alcohol is also supposed to dissolve wax so perhaps rubbing alcohol will work. - Ed

A: Has anyone tried "Dabitoff"? it is dry cleaning fluid and can be used for a whole host of similar stains. Please give any feedback on this one as it is a frequently asked question. Regards -- www.qznaz.com  

Candle wax. I would like to know the solution for removing candle wax off a cloth table runner. if you can help I would appreciate it thank you for your time -- john and leeann perrine Reply    

A: An Ice cube applied to the wax will make it brittle and it can be broken up easier (like chewing gum). 

A: A helpful reader has suggested that dry cleaning fluid should dissolve candle wax. "Dabitoff" is the proprietary name for a suitable domestic cleaning product-- www.qznaz.com

Q: Silly Putty. I need suggestions on how to remove silly putty from the fabric of a couch. I have tried using another piece of silly putty to get it out, but without any luck. HELP -- Wilbur Edwards Reply  

A: We are not absolutely sure what will work but you could try applying ice or dry ice and breaking up the material ( the common solution for chewing gum) You would probably have to do it PDQ or the bits will soften and fall back in to the carpet. You could also experiment with cooking oil, white spirit or WD40 -- Fiona McIlroy  Please let us know if it works

Answer#2: In regard to removing the silly putty from my carpet - I tried the ice cube - nothing happened. I have some GOO GONE , it says not to apply directly to carpet, so I placed some on a cloth & blotted the silly putty -- I worked! Took a little effort but can't tell where it was! Thanks for your help anyway -- J. Hammond 

Answer#3: Silly Putty  Put wd 40 on it let it sit for 10 minutes then using rubbing alcohol blot it until it is gone  -- Jensue

Answer#4: Silly Putty. I had silly putty all over my sheets bedding, son's pj's. I used GOOF OFF, similar to GOO GONE. IT WORKED!!!!! -- Nyeatesdds 1/11/08

Q: Plexiglas. I have some spray stains on the cover over the speedometer in my car. I have tried all kinds of household cleaners and nothing will take it off. can you help! -- DSBoop Reply  (Ref:0965)

Q: Plexiglas Stain Did you ever get the stain out of your plexiglas? I have the same problem.Thanks,Tony. --  Tony Rooney trooneyqzmidsouth.rReply   31 Jan 2004 (Ref:0963)

A: Once you have removed the actual material causing the stain you can use one of the specialist plexiglass polishes.  You can even use a metal polish (not the dip type) -- Comment

Smelly Silk Fabric. I need some help. I just bought a dress that's made of natural rough Chinese silk, and when I washed it the dress smells of raw silk. How can I get it out of this lovely dress without ruining the fabric? -- G Pavolier Reply (Ref:0274)

A: Have you tried Febreeze? -- Judy Burton Comment   

A: I had the same problem. I washed the suit in cold water and then put a cup of lemon juice in the rinse water. There is now no smell on the suit. I am not yet sure if I will have to repeat the treatment the next time I launder the suit.

A: If you are using fabric deodorants it is prudent to wait until the spray has dried completely before wearing the garment or using the fabric object, especially pet pillows, as some of these sprays are a bit toxic and have been known to cause illnesses in pets. We have even had a reader say that a friend had lost an expensive parrot through using such a spray. www.qznaz.com

Q: Noisy pipes. Our water pipes sometimes make a loud "hammering noise" after the toilet has been flushed or sink, etc. has been used, especially first thing in the morning when water has not flowed through the pipes for several hours. Is this serious? Can it easily be fixed? Thanks for any help. -- D McMahon Reply (Ref:0276)

Q: RE: Water Hammer.  Having read one of your tips on preventing water hammer of which the cause is usually a worn ball valve in cold water storage tank, the resultant hammering is caused by unsupported pipe work (cold feed) next to the storage tank. Usually the plumber canít be bothered to do the job properly but a couple of 15mm pipe clips attached to suitable battens placed near the tank will stop the hammer. Additionally a new ball valve assy, make sure the rising main to tank is turned off first before changing ball valve. Regards  peter wells Reply   29 Oct 2005

Q: Smell of paint thinners. Can you please advise if you know of a way to get rid of the smell of paint thinner? Thank you -- Peter Ryan R Reply  (Ref:0277)

A: Paint Thinner Odor on Car Seat How can i get rid of Paint Thinner odor I spilled on my car seat. As  soon as I spilled it I got out the Bissel Green Clean Machine, sucked  up what I could, and used their cleaner on the seat. I then sat the car  out side w/ the windows down and everything.  Thank you -- Cameraowner Reply  (Jonathan Rundle) 

A: The smell of solvents do eventually go on their own. Just make sure that the room is properly ventilated -- www.qznaz.com 

Q: CD Player Repair. Sir/Madam, a good tip for fixing a CD player is to clean the laser lens with methylated spirits or preferably isopropyl alcohol, (doesn't leave residue). I've got to the point now (after 10 years) where it doesn't work on my CD player, any tips? -- Reggie H Reply (Ref:0279)

A: Make sure the player is off as laser may permanently harm your eyes - Gallileo Comment

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