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Q: Concrete Stains How do you remove oil and grease stain from concrete? -- Terry Wenck Reply  

A: Shaving cream.  I pasted shaving cream all over a shower/tub that had grime built up, and let sit for a few hours. To my dismay, with a little elbow grease, my tub looks brand new, and the odor bearable. Also, this can be used on oil stains in the garage and on the driveway. --   Gail A. Devine

Skunked!!!!  Hello, My dog just got sprayed by a skunk. We gave her a bath, rubbed tomato juice all over her, prayed, begged and the poor dog still stinks!! What can we do? Do you have any tips? Appreciate your help. -- Adéle Shaffer  Reply  

A: A friend of mine also had the same problem. If you can get the dog to sit still long enough, then cover the dog with tomato juice and then rinse him. The acid in the tomatoes takes away the smell -- K Taylor   

A:  Skunk Smell If you're trying to remove the skunk smell from your dog...try bathing him in tomato juice...works like a charm. -- Valerie Press August 10, 2004

A: Skunk Smell. They say to remove the smell of skunk from a dog or cat is not tomato juice. My cat got skunked and I called my Vet he said the best thing is dishwashing soap. The spray from the skunk is an oil based spray and the best thing is dish washing soap, dish washing soap has a special agent in it to get rid of grease from you pots and pans and plates, well it works the same way with the oil from the skink. I tried the tomato juices as she got sprayed early in the morning I then tried the baby wash bath soap and finally got hold of my Veterinarian and he told me about the dishwashing soap and that most certainly worked - hope this helped. -- 'Dave and Jan Bigg' 31/12/07

A: Skunked. Hi, I have had dogs my whole life. Use 1 quart *hydrogen peroxide*, 1/4 C. baking soda, and a little dawn dish detergent. Wipe the skunk oil off first with newspaper, but since you have already given your pup a bath. Wet him/her first, mix all together in a bucket, pour over dog, rub in and let set on dog for a while. Then shampoo with more dawn. Also if your dog ever gets sprayed in the face, rinse eyes and mouth with cool water to stop the burning. Also watch for vomit in the first 15 minutes. If this happens get your dog to the vet. -- nancy potucek. . 01/09/09

Caution - Mixing cleaning products can be dangerous also if you use Hydrogen Peroxide on animals or humans it should be diluted and carefully rinsed off afterwards. -- Webmaster

Q: How to.........Remove onion Smell from Hands? Hi, I came across your website by trying to find a way to remove onion smell from hands. I couldn't find anything on your website and was curious if you know, or if any of your "surfers" know how to get rid of this smell. I work as a manager at Subway, and we are always cutting onions and bell peppers, and I would love to know how to get rid of this smell on my hands and out of my hair!!!!!!!! That's all I smell veryday. Please help!!! -- Amber Reply

Answer#1: How to Remove Onion Smell from Hands?   To get rid of onion, pepper or garlic smells from hands, mix a ratio of two level tablespoons of baking soda to a glass of water and soak hands for 30 seconds to a minute.  Also great for getting rid of these smells/burning from mouth (rinse, don't swallow!). --   Tony W

Answer #2: how to get rid of smells on hands to get rid of seafood, fish, onion smell on your hands, pour two tablespoons of table salt into your palm, mix with a little water and wash hands with this mixture, rinse, and add a little lotion to your hands. The salt not only cleans the smell from your hands; but, it also sluffs old skin off and softens hands. -- Lena

Answer#3: Removing Onion Smell from Hands  EASY! Just run water over your hands while holding a stainless steel spoon or other utensil in your fingers. This has been working for my family for years. Ask a chemistry teacher if you want to know why it works.-- Sem Munro 17/09/2005

Answer#4: Onion Smell. Use carex hand soap. Works a treat!. -- tony.searle . Sep 4 2007

Answer#5: Onion Smell. While you are at the sink washing your hands, just rub them all over the faucet. I have also found that using hand sanitizer takes away the odor. -- Gerri LaVallee. 19/02/08

Answer#6: STINKY HANDS. I was reading about those smelly hands and all you have to do to get the onion smell off after you get through cutting is use a drop or two of dishwashing liquid and a little salt and rub for just a bit and rinse. Also if you are cutting an onion and bell pepper, cut the onion first then the bell pepper and rub your hands just a little with the pepper and no need to do anything the pepper does the trick. For shrimp smell use a little lemon juice and a little salt and rub and rinse. -- D1 Kelly 22 Dec 2002 (by courtesy of www.hints-n-tips.com)

Answer#7: Smelly hands. I keep the lemons and limes that have been squeezed beside the sink, the main use is to rub on my hands after processing fish or any other foods. You can also use them to cut the limescale around taps and plugholes. -- Rachel Dee 22 July 2003

Q: Dirty Pavers  I would like to know what I can clean our brick stoop and our concrete sidewalk with we just replaced half of our damaged sidewalk and now the old sidewalk section and brick look so dirty and aged. 22 Thanks -- mljnm Reply 

A: Hire a pressurized water cleaner such as a Karchner -- essie2000

Steamed windows I have installed cellular shades. A great look but the windows fog up at night now that it is cold outside. I tried leaving them open a little but that just keeps the window from steaming in only that area. Any ideas? -- Marcy Dean  Reply (Ref:0340)

A: Really another question, there are special coatings that prevent fogging, they are hydrophilic, i.e. they love water. -- AK

A: Steaming Windows. Wash Your window with shaving cream also do your bathroom mirror-- christy' Nov 3 2006

Soap slithers   Can anyone help me?? I've been saving, " little slithers of soap, " for 3 years. I was hoping to learn how to melt them together to make regular size bars again. ( I tried microwaving a few pieces, but it started to turn into a monster. ) Any ideas?? THANKS, !!!!!!!!! -- Chris Adkins Reply (Ref:0348)

A: Utilising these little pieces of soap that are always left over. Add a little glycerine and mash them up with a little warm water and you will have a liquid soap that is gentle and economical -- essie2000 

Q: Pouring food grease down drain...  -- when pouring food grease down kitchen drain, should you run hot or cold water while disposing of grease....or doesn't it matter if the water is hot or cold....thanks -- HOWARD BACHARACH Reply (Ref:0356)

A: It is always a mistake to pour grease down a drain.  Detergents will emulsify it but only if you are getting rid of a small amount such as remains in a pan after most of it has been poured into the trash can. -- essie2000

Q: Covering plants in winter  -- I have 2 bay trees a clematis, passion flower, honeysuckle, double  flowering clematis and a peris in patio tubs. Do I need to cover them for winter  protection or can I leave them to the elements. Hope you can help Thanks -- PiggeryPoke Reply (Ref:0357)

A: It depends very much where you live. If you experience hard frosts then I suspect that you will need to protect them.  -- Webby1

Q: Teeth whitening  What product on the market is the most effective for whitening teeth. I do not have hundreds of dollars for a cosmetic dental professional to perform this  procedure.  Any suggestions? --P and S of SF Reply

A: Having just bought a Braun Electric toothbrush I am delighted to notice an improvement in the color  in my teeth.  I have also started using a two to one solution of 5% hydrogen peroxide in addition to my normal tooth paste, it is probably the combination of the two extra measures-- Sara Sutherland  Berlin  Germany

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