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Q: Disintegrating Screws hello the screws are so bad that if you try to unwind the head it just falls to bits, it's too soft. Is there any other way e.g. heat, drilling, it's a piece for a motorbike by the way -- Nick Sinden Reply (Ref:0369)

A: It is possible to drill the screws out but it is a delicate job and if your bike is expensive I would seek expert assistance. The drill has to be central, aligned with the screw and I suggest that the job is done in several stages, i.e. start with a small drill and work up to one that is slightly less than the inner dimension of the thread. If it is a blind hole then the job is just that much harder --  Martin Klystron

Q: Patch removal?  How do I remove an iron on patch -- D DeFant Reply (Ref:0382)

A: Use an iron??? -- Essie

A: Really a suggestion - let us know if it works - why not use an Iron to remove the patch... Edward Underhill . Jan 29 2007

A: Hello, I had great success with the itching of poison oak, after 8 emergency room visits and treatments!!! One night I couldn't sleep for the itching...I tried St. Ives Apricot Scrub on the affected areas, and the itching stopped for over 12 hours! This would be best for JUST after getting the poison oak or after any oozing has stopped, but while very ITCHY! -- Jane Benoit Comment (Ref:0392)

Rusty Muffin Tins.  I need a quick way to remove rust that keeps happening on my muffin tins and  certain other bake ware products? can you help? -- Gail Reply   (Ref:0396)

A: Making sure that they are dry before you put them away, a light layer of cooking oil will protect them if your kitchen is a bit damp. -- DK

Q: Cat pee. My male cat peed in my luggage. Can I get the smell out or should I throw the luggage away? -- Shelly Comox BC Canada Reply 

A: Q: Ref: 0399 This is for anyone that has a problem with pet stains and odors - even skunk. "Nature's Miracle" is fantastic!! It can be bought at Pet Smart. It is to be used full strength. It's rather expensive, but it does the trick. We have a dog and has been great for the occasional accident so don't know how well it would work on cat pee. But, it did work on removing the skunk odor from our deck and shrubs that got sprayed one night. It's really terrific stuff!! -- Mary Frankenfield

A:  Skunk Smell If you're trying to remove the skunk smell from your dog...try bathing him in tomato juice...works like a charm. -- Valerie Press August 10, 2004

Q: Cats My cats like to lay on my sons bed and the female urinates on the blankets  all of the time. I want them to stay off of the beds because they shed.-- How  do I do that and still have it safe for my son to sleep there? -- MrsDusti Reply

 A: Why not try a light dusting of chilli powder -- Dave E.

Q: Glasses Stuck Together. I have two glasses that are stuck together. I would like to separate them. Any tips on how to do this? E-mail answer to this address Reply Thanks. -- Tommie Cooper Reply2 (Ref:0420)

A: Using hot and cold water heat the outer glass and cool the inner one, they will soon pop apart. -- Dave Ed. 

Q: Steep Driveways. I live in Wisconsin and have had a real problem in the winter with having a steep driveway. Not only do I have to shovel but it seems the slightest amount of snow makes the driveway almost impossible to get up. Does anyone have any ideas or know of any products that can make it less of a chore? Thanks greatly: Mike in Madison -- John Michael Ryan Reply  (Ref:0423)

A: Can you get a contractor to put electric heating cable in the concrete. You can cut slits with a grinder. Do not do it yourself unless you are confident about the safety aspect -- Dave Klystron

Q: Slugs in the home. How do I get rid of slugs out of the house? Every night they come in and leave trails on one particular part of the carpet and kitchen!!!....Any ideas! -- Aaron Reply  (Ref:0424)

A: Eggshells, salt???

Q: Snails in the House. I was told by the pesticide man at OSH aka he use to work with a pest control company that you need to draw the slugs away from the area that they come in to the kitchen – I noticed that you said eggshells and salt. Where do you apply that in the house where they come thru or outside? Thanks, - Telles Family' Reply Nov 6 2006 -(Ref:1319)

Water Hammer. I have bought a kit for fixing water hammer but am unsure at what point in the system I should attach it. The salesman told me to connect it to the highest point I could access. Where in the system is this most likely to be as I live in a three-storey house. -- Ron Howatt Reply (Ref:0426)

A: You should have a tank in your loft or garage. We think he means as close to the tank as possible -- qznaz

A: Water Hammer.  Having read one of your tips on preventing water hammer of which the cause is usually a worn ball valve in cold water storage tank, the resultant hammering is caused by unsupported pipe work (cold feed) next to the storage tank. Usually the plumber canít be bothered to do the job properly but a couple of 15mm pipe clips attached to suitable battens placed near the tank will stop the hammer. Additionally a new ball valve assy, make sure the rising main to tank is turned off first before changing ball valve. Regards -- peter    29 Oct 2005

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