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wax on furniture  Hope someone has a good tip. I recently received a new coffee table as a  gift. It is new, but bought on sale, and has a few minor imperfections. I  love it and it has tons of storage, so I am thrilled to keep it. My  problem is that it has (what seems to be) a thick white waxy substance in  some of the crevices and on the drawers. I can scrape some of it off with  my nails, yet it leaves a film behind. How do I get this "wax" off my new  table without damaging it? What is this substance anyway? Please help. -- RaeAnne Reply

A: It seems to be some kind of protective coating. A liquid polish might be able to dissolve it without harming the wood -- Essie E Comment 

A: Mosquito bites. To minimize or avoid mosquito bites maintain high (but safe) levels of B vitamins (B Complex). Flying insects will be turned off by the smell and taste of your blood. This is especially valuable when traveling in countries with Malaria, Dengue Fever and West Nile Virus. -- Susan Laputka Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA Comment Note: This advice is suspect -- Ed !!!

Subject Vitamin B6 and Mosquito bites: This advice has been around for a while; that high doses of Vitamin B6 will repel insects, I have tried the vitamin route with little success, but one of my friends swears by it. I did read in "The man who mistook his wife for a Hat" by Oliver Sachs, the Neurologist, that high doses of B6 can cause a loss of one's body perception as a side-effect, according to Wikipedia, this is known as loss of proprioception. Camphor and menthol do seem to work as repellents as does a lit cigarette. -- courtesy of www.hints-n-tips.com Ed. Milton Keynes England

Q: Kettle Fur  Could you please tell me how I can remove kettle fur. Thanks --soshry Reply   (Ref:0642)

A: Anything acid, for example flat coke or most sodas, vinegar or lemon juice -- Davina Martin

Q: Candle Wax on Carpet  How can I remove candle wax from my carpet. A large portion has been  removed by hand, but there still remains the residue of the melted wax in  my carpet. Someone suggested I use a cleaning product containing  citrus. Has anyone heard of this? Thanks. -- Rosmarie Gibbon Reply

Answer check out the candlewax page on this site -- Ed

Q: Cancer and E330. Hello.My name is Milan.i heard that E330 causes cancer. Is that true and if is why is it legal to use it in food production. Thank you for your answer. -- Milan Ekerl.ekerl milan Reply (Ref:0664)

A: E330 is Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid. According to one of our contributors it is an antioxidant and usually will act to prevent cell damage and therefore among other things help prevent cancer, however according to a tabloid newspaper report which failed to clearly identify the source, it can speed up the development of some cancers and pre-cancerous growths. -- Ed.

Q: TV How and what do I use to clean the lenses on a RCA 61 inch projection TV? Thanks. -- Steve Price Reply

A: Your local optician or photographic supplies outlet will sell you 'microfiber' cloths designed for cleaning coated lenses.  -- Regards Davina Martin

E-mail Incoming E-Mail, sometimes looks like hieroglyphics, similar to an Egyptian tomb!! Unfortunately I don't have a copy, but it resembles a type of code??? How do I decipher this gibberish???????? -- Dave Latimer Reply (Ref:0254)

A: It could be Chinese or Russian characters or you could have default font in Klingon (seriously there is a Klingon font) or Wingdings or similar. What sometimes works is if you copy the text and paste it in to "Microsoft notepad" -- Davina Martin

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