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Ballpoint Ink on Leather Couch I have a Brand new leather couch. It has ballpoint ink on it. It's Burgundy. Please respond to this! Thanks, -- Nancy  Reply 

 A: Ink on Leather. We use Premium Leather Care-"Ink and Stain remover." A product distributed by Stainsafe Companies, Riviera Beach, Fl. 33404. Try to find it at at good leather store or contact Riviera. It works great. jcoburn3 Reply 14 Dec 2002 

A: Hi Nancy saw your query on qznaz.com I am afraid it is bad news as almost every solution will bleach the leather.  If you can get a piece of the leather to experiment on or if you can use a part of the couch that nobody  sees then you could try methyl alcohol or sodium percarbonate applied with a cotton bud or an even finer pointed applicator.  if it bleaches then you could use a felt tip pen of exactly the right color to restore the leather color.

The alternative is a leather specialist or stain expert! Regards -- Axel P. Klystron Reply 

Q: Mattress Odour Hi there! I recently bought a mattress from the paper and it had never been slept on - in fact it was still in the plastic wrapping. My problem is that it was stored under the seller's house and it must have been musty. The smell has penetrated the fabric of the mattress and nothing that I do will get rid of it.  I've tried baking soda twice, two applications of an Australian product called "Febreeze" which is a fabric deodorizer and have also tried carpet deodorizer. The smell has been covered up with more pleasant smells, but still remains. Can you give me any advice to eliminate the musty smell completely. It is an inner-spring Queen mattress covered with a satin quilting. thank you in advance -- Sara Martin, Reply

Reply:  Query# 0380 -- Mildewy Odor in Mattress I live in a moist, marine-tropical area where mildew and its odor is a constant problem. I've tried and pretty much exhausted any and every remedy but, for deeply-penetrated odors, I've found nothing to contradict the following from a rather authoritative Web site: "If mold is growing deep in the padding of an upholstered piece or in a mattress, nothing will eliminate the mold or odor except renovation by a trained upholsterer or replacement of the item." Like you, any product or method I've tried only covers up or reduces the odor but never completely eliminates it. -- Comment  (Cunamara Enterprises) 14 Nov 2002

Q: Mattress Odour. - Hi there did you have any success with removing the smell from your mattress as i am in the same boat and i cant get rid of the musty smell. i am at my wits end now im prepared to try anything thanks phil n.z -- "Feilipu" Reply 28/09/09

Q: Chewing gum. Has anyone had any luck in removing chewing gum a on leather couch? My 10 year old Son, sat on my new "distressed" leather couch and left a large blob of gum on the cushion. The couch is medium brown in color, is the distressed type of leather couch, the scratches either wear in or can be buffed or rubbed away. It does not have a polished finish. Help. -- Tom Dyroff Replyt

 Reply: Query# 0870 Gum on leather couch   This may or may not work but wont cost anything to try. Hold an ice cube to the glob of gum until it freezes. It should then lose its stickiness and be easily pulled loose. Logan at Comment 

Q: Cleaning Aluminum Cookware We have a large aluminum pot that we used for boiling water to add humidity to the air in our home during the winter months. Running the forced air furnace dries out the sinuses so this solution was a godsend. However, it was not without it's repercussion. The inside of the pot is now incrusted with a hard white/grey substance. (Hard water deposits?) It seems to flake off in small pieces if I chisel at it, but this cannot be good for the container. Any ideas on how to remove this stuff? Thanks! -- John Harley Reply

A: Cleaning Pot Have you tried the Aluminum cleaner carried by an auto parts store. It takes some rubbing but it removed it off of motorcycle pipes for me. Janice Murphy Reply 15 Sep 2003

Q: Getting Tea Stains off stainless steel spoons???? I drink a lot of tea and it stains the spoons that I use to stir it. Does  anyone know how to get these stains off of stainless steel??? Thanks. -- "Heidi Poe" Reply  06 Nov 2002 (Ref:0825)

Response: Spoons and Tea Stains. Ask Jeeves sent me yr e-mail - I hope yr an expert on this topic as I'm running out of decent spoons to offer guests. Are there any easy solutions (pun) to my problem??-- Rgds Mike Reply  12/12/2005

A: Tea Stains. Hi, I just use baking soda with a damp cloth. It works and doesn't leave marks. I use this method on the teapot and cups as well. Hope this helps. -- 'Ron Bowman' Reply

A: Tea Spoons. Soak them in diluted bleach such as Clorax. -- Janice Murphy 15 Sep 2003

Q: Wood stain on Berber carpet Any ideas?  Elmo Xo01  Reply  5 Nov 2002 (Ref:0869)

A: Stained carpet  I have successfully used Oxi-Clean to do this. You first must do a colorfast test on the carpet. REMEMBER that it continues to bleach for up to two days after using the product. If you over do it, you may end up with a big bleach spot. It is best to apply it in several applications. -- Janice Murphy Reply

Q: Nicotine on Glassware  I recently received some antique glassware from a friend whose mother has passed away. Unfortunately they are horribly stained from years of smoking, any ideas on how to clean and remove this without setting the stain the way a dishwasher does? Thanks!! --Lara Reply 23 Nov 2002 (Ref:0862)

A: Cleaning glassware. Try tri sodium phosphate (TSP). It can be purchase at a paint store and probably Walmart. Wear rubber gloves. -- Janice Murphy Comment

Q: Nicotine stains  I have a wooden Nutcracker purchased from an estate sale. Previous owner was a smoker and I need to know how to remove the brown nicotine stains from the white hair!  -- Shelli Long Reply 20 Dec 2002 (Ref:0859)

A: Nutcracker. Try " diluted" OxiClean. -- Janice Murphy  Reply 15 Sep 2003

Garden ivy very heavy ivy has taken over part of garden not one weed killer will touch it. has any one any ideas on how to kill it. -- James Howell Reply 4 Nov

A: Ivy. You must use a "brush" herbicide such as Roundup. This is not the same as for grasses. Spray on a very sunny day, when no wind is blowing. -- Janice Murphy Comment

Q: Cleaning copper  I need a good solution to cleaning tarnished and oxidized copper.  I prefer one that doesn't take a whole day to do one item. However, all hints are welcome I have a huge amount of copper to clean.  Thanks  Deb "Deb Dowdy"   Reply

A: Copper Cleaning. There is a product on the market for cleaning bathroom tiles called KaBOOM. It is not advertised as a copper cleaner. I believe it is because they do not want to assume the risk of someone damaging their copper products. It is wooooonderful for cleaning copper. But as fast as you spray it on, you must rinse "immediately". It instantly shines. I have used it many times. The bottle warns you about not allowing it to set on metals. I then use a regular copper cleaner to "spit shine". -- Janice Murphy Comment 15 Sep 2003

Q: Soil Problems. We just moved into a 10 year old house last summer and we have problems with the soil. It is like clay and very difficult to work with. Water just seems to stay on top and does not drain anywhere, no matter whether it is dry or rainy. Our lawn is like a marsh. What can we do to rectify this?? Mrs Denholm, Scotland  -- Reply  19 Jan 2003

A: Ref. 0916 Soil.  Sounds as though your soil is very compacted or you have lost a lot of your top soil when they installed the yard. Adding lime (preferable in the fall) will sweeten the soil. You need to incorporate any type of humus whether it is rotting leaves, manure, etc. into the soil. If you do not want to tear up the yard to incorporate humus, you can go to a local store and purchase manure and compost in a bag. Here is it approximately $1.29 a bag. Hand broad cast it over the lawn. It is a slow process. What you are doing is slowly building up the topsoil, this in turn goes through the deeper layers of your soil. It may take a complete summer but you do not want to put so much on that it kills your grass. -- Janice Murphy Comment

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