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Q: Garden ivy very heavy ivy has taken over part of garden not one weed killer will touch it. has any one any ideas on how to kill it. --Reply 4 Nov 2002 (Ref:0830)

A: Ivy. You must use a "brush" herbicide such as Roundup. This is not the same as for grasses. Spray on a very sunny day, when no wind is blowing. Janice Murphy  15 Sep 2003

Q: Cleaning copper  I need a good solution to cleaning tarnished and oxidized copper.  I prefer one that doesn't take a whole day to do one item. However, all hints are welcome I have a huge amount of copper to clean.  Thanks  Deb "Deb Dowdy"   Reply 28 Dec 2002 (Ref:0892)

A: Copper Cleaning. There is a product on the market for cleaning bathroom tiles called KaBOOM. It is not advertised as a copper cleaner. I believe it is because they do not want to assume the risk of someone damaging their copper products. It is wooooonderful for cleaning copper. But as fast as you spray it on, you must rinse "immediately". It instantly shines. I have used it many times. The bottle warns you about not allowing it to set on metals. I then use a regular copper cleaner to "spit shine". -- Janice Murphy Reply 15 Sep 2003

Q: Soil Problems. We just moved into a 10 year old house last summer and we have problems with the soil. It is like clay and very difficult to work with. Water just seems to stay on top and does not drain anywhere, no matter whether it is dry or rainy. Our lawn is like a marsh. What can we do to rectify this?? Mrs Denholm, Scotland  -- Reply  19 Jan 2003 (Ref:0916)

A: Ref. 0916 Soil.  Sounds as though your soil is very compacted or you have lost a lot of your top soil when they installed the yard. Adding lime (preferable in the fall) will sweeten the soil. You need to incorporate any type of humus whether it is rotting leaves, manure, etc. into the soil. If you do not want to tear up the yard to incorporate humus, you can go to a local store and purchase manure and compost in a bag. Here is it approximately $1.29 a bag. Hand broad cast it over the lawn. It is a slow process. What you are doing is slowly building up the topsoil, this in turn goes through the deeper layers of your soil. It may take a complete summer but you do not want to put so much on that it kills your grass. -- Janice Murphy Reply 4 Sep 200

Q: Wax in Animal Fur My pet rabbit knocked over a large outdoor Citrus candle that had sat in the rain and got wax all over his face and arms. The candle wasn't lit, but the wax was liquid and now his fur is stiff with this stuff, even around his mouth. Does anyone know a safe way to remove it? -- "LuAnn Krause" Reply 3 Aug 2002 (Ref:0796)

A: Wax on Bunny . If there is still wax on your bunnies fur if you rub the wax with an ice cube it will get hard and peel off without hurting him - I learned this when the same thing happened to my long haired cat. -- Debbie  "Debbie Mann, RN, CCM" Reply  3 Feb 2004

Q: Removal of ink pen stain inside Electric Dryer Hi all. I had a blue ink pen unknowingly go through my dryer and now there are blue ink stains thru out the inside of the dryer. I have tried WD-40 , crud cutter, hair spray which worked for a bit, but there are still deep stains left of the ink. Any suggestions as how to remove the ink? thanks tater77 -- Karen Brasko Reply (Ref:0305

A: Ink Pen Stain in Dryer: I don’t know how long ago this was for you or if this will be helpful still but this happened to me as well and I used a white rag with acetone (nail polish remover if you have it) and also isopropyl alcohol alternately. This worked very well with just a little rubbing. Try not to breathe too much of the acetone & alcohol fumes. -- Nick Apr 16th 2007

A: dryer spot suggestion  Hi Karen, I had a blue ink pen go thru my dryer and had some luck with Soft Scrub (green label w/ bleach.) The interior of my dryer is painted white, and it came off easily. I was actually looking for solutions to my blue-spotted clothing when I ran across your query. Any ideas? Connie --  Constance O'Hanlon  Reply 14 Dec 2003 

A: Blue Ink Stain Removal. Best removal tool for blue ink is hair spray. Then you will need simple soap to remove the hair spray and ink. Works every time – even on hands! -- Deanne Fox. Jun 18 2007

Q: Six Sheikh's sheep. The tongue-twister, that starts off with six sheik's sheep, can anyone remind me how it goes? T. Lev Reply (Ref:0949)

A: The sixth sick sheik's sheep's sick -- Craig Laird Leighton Buzzard UK

Cleaning an Iron How do I take the stuck on gunk that is on my iron? It's there after we iron over a label or sometimes just the thread from jeans? I've tried soap. I've tried fingernail polish remover. I've tried brass cleaner. I've tried removing it hot and cold Finally I scrape it off with a razor blade but this seems harsh. -- Veronica Velez Reply (Ref:0266)

Answer #1: Iron Gunk Remover Tip --   I'm not sure where your from but in the US, WalMart stores now carry a product that removed the stuff from the underside of the iron.  The come in small 1 " to 2" tubes.  You heat the iron, put the stuff on the hot iron, wipe away stinky stuff (for me its stitch witchery since I quit using it) with a cotton cloth that can handle the heat.  Then when it cools down, I use a soap/water rag to clean it again.  This product at Walmart is usually where they sell the tub hangers and there are two tubes per package for less than $2. Also, peanut butter will remove gum.  It dissolves it.  I managed to fall asleep when little and my mom/grandma used it to get the gum out of my hair without the need for a buzz job hair cut! -- Cathi Catherine Banks Reply 14 Oct 2003

Answer #2 : Stuck on Gunk on iron  Try using a product called "Goof-Off" available at Walmart, Home Depot ,Canadian Tire or any hardware or paint store. -- Reply  04/01/2005

Answer #3: Gunk on Iron. Hi, I don't know if you ever received an answer for removing gunk from the bottom of your iron but please, never use a razor blade.  You will destroy the sole plate of your iron.  A very easy, safe home remedy is table salt.  Heat your iron the the hottest temperature, pour a couple tablespoons on a soft towel and place your HOT iron on the towel and using pressure, move your iron in a circular motion.  It will remove the residue, glue and build up from fabrics, interfacings, etc.  I work with costumes and always have iron cleaner on hand but when I tried the salt, found it works just as well.  Now, if you still have to use stronger force for whatever reason, use 00 steel wool.  I have used that on my precious Rowenta Iron and it does not do damage.  Hope this helps. -- IBEVILDIVA Reply 22/04/09 

Q: Paint Removal on Leather Jacket   How do I remove paint stains from a leather jacket without damaging the leather?  -- ADAM NIECHCAJ  Reply 23 Nov 2002 (Ref:0861)

A: Paint removal  Hi there I have just the same problem with spray paint. I have been searching the web and have come up with trying baby oil!! -- Cheers Cheryl    5 Nov 2003

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