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Q: Artexed Ceiling. We have some poorly applied Artex on our ceiling and need to remove it. Are there some solvents that can soften it or must we sand it off? -- Randy Smyth Reply

A: Artex Removal. You can remove it yourself with a preparation available from some DIY outlets, it is called X-Tex and you apply it, allow it to soak in and then scrape it off. Please note that some older Artex contains Asbestos so it is always a good idea to get a sample checked out by your local council. Ray Watkinson Canterbury England. 
Caution with this material and under no circumstances should it be sanded off without a check to see if it contains asbestos. Asbestos is a deadly substance which can in most people cause an incurable cancer called Mesothelioma -- Ed

Q: Grass Stain. I need help on grass stain. My son slid in the grass with his Kaki pants. I've washed 3 times in cold water, each time applying "Spray N Wash" before laundering. The green is almost gone, but seems to be replaced by a brownish color. What can I do? Sue Hoskin -- "Jay/Sue"  Reply (Ref:0008)  

A: Grass Stain: Try Cascade or similar dry dishwasher soap. When my sons played sports I learned this and it worked every time. I even use it on my bathtub. It seems to have lost is sparkle or that clear coating that makes it easy to clean. When I use Cascade it gets cleaner and in 1/2 the time. Also Lave hand soap work well too. On grout in the tub and clothing stains but rinse it out so it doesn't lighten clothing. Good luck!  -- Chris -- 25 Mar 2004

Q: Underarm Stains How do you remove yellow underarm stains from a white shirt? -- TAL115 Reply (Ref:0674)

A: Yellow Stains. Soak your shirts in oxyclean!  Reply   15/05/2005

Q: Tee shirts - Yellow Stain could you tell me how to get rid of yellow stain under arms of t-shirts? thank you, -- Rose  Reply

Answer#1: Yellow Stains. Soak your shirts in oxyclean! -- Yellioxo   Reply  

Answer#2: Yellow Stain. I can't tell you how to get rid of existing yellow but I can tell you how not to get yellow again on new items...I believe in cheap and environmentally safe...go buy a box of Borax...it is a powder and costs about 3 dollars...put a sprinkle of that in every load of light colored laundry along with whatever laundry soap you use and you shouldn't have anymore problems with yellowing...One more of many other uses for borax is it will shine you bathroom porcelain right up and great for cleaning toilets, plus many other things....It will save you money and cut your cleaning products in half. Good luck. -- CHRIS and Angie FORD Comment

Answer#3: Underarm Stains. You know what else works to remove underarm stains? Baking soda mixed with water to make a paste. Pre-treat then wash as usual. -- Karyn Hudson. Oct 1 2007

Answer#4: Getting Stains out of T-shirt Underarms. Buy a product called Iron Out or something similar and follow directions. This is a popular product in northern Wisconsin and Michigan because of the iron content in the water. I used it to protect the whites when we bought a cabin in that area – and l and behold, it took cleaned those t-shirts right up. -- Bill Bradford. 18/12/07

Q: Yellow Discoloration. I have a new , all white , bathroom rug that had been folded and put away for some time , it was never used. now it seems to have a yellow discoloration in the fold that i can`t get out---i`ve pre treated it with laundry detergent but the yellow crease is still there . any suggestions? thank you -- jeannette cibelli Reply

Q: Query Have a question on what type of shampoo to use for hard water. My hair is very fine and when I try to curl it it just goes limp. Any suggestions. Thanks -- Pat Veselsky Reply

A: Shampoo Question. Hi, You need to use Malibu well water shampoo made by Malibu. You can find it in salons. Your main problem is not your shampoo but your conditioner and styling products. Use the well water conditioner along with the shampoo. Before you curl your hair spray it with some hairspray, (light hold) then curl. I am a hairstylist, trust me this will work. -- Dawn Cullifer 07/05/2005

Q: Foaling. Have any of your readers experience of foaling at home, can you share your experiences with me April 25th 2005  (Ref:1106)

Answer Horse Breeding - Foaling at Home 
Foaling at Home - tips for a successful birth

In Labour. You will sense when labour has started by your mare's restlessness. She will start pacing round her box. She may peer at or kick her stomach, and lift her tail.

Birth. Lasting between 20 minutes and half an hour and the following is what takes place:

1.Breaking of the waters - call the vet if nothing else happens after 15 minutes.
2.The amnion - a balloon-like bag - will appear. Normally this is broken by the foal's front feet. If it doesn't tear normally break it and clear the foal's nostrils.
3. Appearance of the foal's front feet - call the vet if any other part of the body comes out first.
4. Head, shoulders and rib cage and last of all the hindlegs. If the mare is struggling - ribcage and shoulders can cause problems - hold the foal's front legs above the fetlocks and gently pull it down towards the mares hocks as she pushes.
5. The umbilical cord should break naturally, turning white as the blood ceases to flow.Treat the stump with antiseptic. If it breaks early whilst still red pinch the stump to stop it bleeding and treat with antiseptic.

1. Expulsion of the afterbirth. A retained or incomplete afterbirth may lead to a dangerous infection in the mare. So when it's finally expelled lay it out and inspect it thoroughly. If there are any holes other than the one out of which the foal emerged or the bag seems incomplete call the vet.
2. Cleansing. When the foal starts to suckle you know the mare has cleansed - cleansing can take as long as six hours. At this point leave the pair in peace but remain vigilent until the foal has passed his first droppings and can lie down and get up again on his own.
3. The next day ask the vet to do a check and give the foal his anti-tetanus injection.

For more about breeding from your mare go to: HORSE BREEDING - THE OPTIONS

http://www.freevetadvice.co.uk/matingindex.htm .
John Trueman Reply 19 Jan 2005

Q: Cats Digging up the Garden      I have a serious problem with cats digging huge holes in garden beds, I have tried all the usual commercial products (which work in the short term) but am now at a loss as to what to do - any suggestions --  Reply (Ref:0205) 21 Jul 2002

A: Cats Digging Up the Garden.  Here is a great idea. take the spade off the cat regards -- pete  22/05/2005

Q: Nailpolish on TV screen My 2 year old decided to paint the TV screen (regular tube kind) with neon pink glittery nailpolish. Any help in removing it? Thanks a lot!  Reply 07 February 2005  (Ref:1054)

A:  Nailpolish on TV screen  A sharp blade will not usually scratch the glass of the screen. The old type razor blade or a blade from a Stanley knife will do - Leila Sutherland, Derby, England

Q: Removal of Blueberry stain from a Cotton Shirt. I would appreciate if anyone could let me know how to remove a stain from Blueberries. Thank you. Lillian Reply 19 Dec 2003 (Ref:1063)

Q: Stain Removal - Blueberry. Any suggestions for removing a blueberry stain from a cotton shirt?? ---  Reginald Tickell  Reply  (Ref:0151) 

Q: Blueberry: Did anyone find a solution to a blueberry stain on cotton???? I, too am seeking help for same problem----if you've found something that works please share ---Thank you sandi macqueen  Reply   14 Jan 2004 (Ref:1068)

Q: Blueberry Juice Stain  Hi I am searching for a way to get blueberry juice stain out. have you found an answer yet? thanks jill :)  Reply 31/07/2005(Ref:1144)   

A: Blueberry Stain  Try this solution for removing your blueberry stains. Stretch the stained areas over a bowl with a rubber band and place in a sink, then pour boiling water from a height of several feet above the cloth through the stain. Or, you can try using a commercial enzyme stain remover, or mix equal parts vinegar, water, and liquid dishwashing soap in a squeeze bottle, shake, and work into the spots. Let stand a few minutes, then launder.-- ZYS    23/05/2005

Answer#2: Blueberry stains. Use Oxyclean - Spray on and let soak for about ten minutes. Works every time. -- WILLIAM STEWART Mar 31 2006

Answer#3: Blueberry Stain. Have you tried using vinegar on it? Just soak it in a little vinegar water. -- Mommy of 2 Boys Feb 26 2007

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