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Q: Carpet Creep My wife and I have an area rug in our living room that sits on top of a wall to wall Berbers rug. Every time we walk past it the carpet bunches up in one corner. Is there a way to keep this from happening? We've tried 2 sided carpet tape but to no avail.  -- Steven James Lay Executive Chef The Pines Restaurant Reply  12 Dec 2002(Ref:0886)

A: Regarding Your Area Rug Issue...  Hello! You said that your area rug bunches up when you walk past it and that the two-sided carpet tape wasn't cutting it... What my aunt used to do was use two-sided carpet tape to stick the area rug into place, then lightly baste the carpet and area rug together with thin fishing line so no one could see the stitches. I don't know how you are at sewing... I hope that helps! --L. R. Smith l.r.   27/09/2005

Q: bleach  Yea, I know this was dumb of me, I used some bleach to get a red stain out of the carpet, and now it is just orange. I don't think that using more bleach will make it better. Any suggestions? -- Cassandra Drew Reply 26 Dec 2002 (Ref:0890)

A: Regarding your Bleach Stain  I know it's been a while since you posted your question about the bleach stain on your carpet... Since you posted you might have recarpeted or something! If you haven't and the stain is still there, find a matching shade of sugar-free Kool-Aid. Mix the Kool-Aid with about 1 cup of water, and "spill" it on your carpet where you need it... Trust me, that stuff WILL stain everything! :o) After it's sat for about an hour, you'll want to soak up the moisture with a rag towel and vacuum thoroughly. Have a good one! -- Reply  27/09/2005

Q: Smelly clothes Hi. Every few washes, when my clothes dry, they smell of a disgusting smelly socks/dog dirt odour. This is driving me mad. I thought it was because I was drying them indoors but even if I dry them outside, it can still happen. Eg Towels seem fine until drying myself after a shower, the smell just sticks to me. Can anyone please help me?? I'm desperate. -- Martin Curran Reply 20 Aug 2002    (Ref:0302)

A: Smells in Laundry   I to have had t he same problem. I started putting white vinegar in my wash  water once a month. I start filling my washer with water, add about two  cups of white vinegar to the water then add my detergent then my clothes.  It has worked well for me. White vinegar also seems to brighten my clothes.  Lori Wheeler   24/08/2005

Q: Candlewax Wall Type:   I recently got candlewax on my non-gloss white wall at home from a wall votive holder, Have any suggestions that wont make the paint come off the wall? -- Amber Bjork Reply Apr 18 05 (Ref:1083) "Your elevation will depend on your expectation." ~ Dr. J. Mac Allen ~

A: Removing Candle Wax from a Wall. Try holding a steam iron a few inches from the wall with wax and shoot the steam on the wall (don't touch the iron to the wall). As the was starts to melt, wipe it with a towel; continue the process until all the wax is removed,. This worked for me --  Foggy 14/08/2005

Q: chewing gum on drum inside my electric dryer  To whom it may concern, I have been attacked by an unforseen couple of sticks of gum that made it through the wash into my dryer. Now I need to know as soon as possible the best way to remove the rather disgusting looking mess that coats the entire inside of my dryer drum. My dyrer is an electric dryer, so there is no open flames to worry about. However my concern is for the heat build up when the dryer runs the next time, as well as what will our clothes smell like after they are dry? Can you give me an answer? Thank you very much, Robert -- Reply  26/12/2004 (Ref:1037) 

A: How to remove Gum from Electric Clothes Dryer Drum.  I had the same problem I went to the local Walmart store and purchased an item Called ( De-Solv-It) This product is 100% Organic Biodegradable and it smells great too, not harsh Chemical smell safe for skin too. I used this on my dryer all the gum just wiped away. it looks like new again .... Jeremy Reply  08/11/2005

Q: Cedar Chest I have a beautiful cedar chest that I inherited.  Unfortunately the previous owner put moth balls in it.  I can not get out the smell. I have sanded the cedar, washed with vinegar, put baking soda in it and aired it out.  Are there any other suggestions? Thank you, -- Heather  Reply (Ref:0051)

A: Cedar Chest.  Are you sure it's mothballs you're smelling? Cedar and camphor chests have a similar smell. Those woods were used to make chests because of their insecticidal properties, which is why the wood is usually unfinished on the inside. If you really hated the smell, you could varnish or seal the inside of the chest, but it sort of defeats the whole purpose of the chest! -- Gwynneth Jones  Jan 2 2006

A: Cedar Chest Odor. Dear Heather, Just saw your post, don't know how old it is or if you have worked it out yet, but try old crumpled up newspapers. The ink will absorb most odors. Try it for about 24 hours and see if that works. It will take out mold odors and musty smells. May work on cedar. Good luck. -- Mary . Aug 30 2007

Q: Help needed to clean inside crystal decanter  I have a nice crystal decanted/perfume bottle that is milky inside. It has a very narrow neck. I have tried everything to clean it- vinegar, Steradent, bleach, metho, windex, rinse aid - all to no avail. Any suggestions? -- Susan Segal Reply  (Ref:0582)

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A: Cleaning Crystal Decanter.  Have you tried denture cleaner? Fill decanter with water and drop in a tablet or two. Should be "crystal" clear afterward! -- Laynette   04/11/2005

Q: Soften scratchy bed sheets? I purchased a set of fairly expensive sheets for our guest bedroom, but, even after washing several times, they are scratchy and uncomfortable. Anyone know how to soften up cotton sheets quickly? Thanks! -- Reply

Didya!!: Did you get an answer to your question about the cotton sheets? 
I am having the same problem. I was searching the internet for a solution to the rough sheet problem. I came across your question and wondered if you found anything that works. I'd hate to have to discard a new set of high quality cotton sheets because I can't soften them up. Thanks for sharing the answer if you found one. Micky Wienk Spearfish, SD -- Reply 30 Mar 2004

Didya!!: Scratchy Sheets  Did you ever find out how to soften the sheets. I bought my son Spiderman sheets and a comforter and he doesn't want to sleep with them because they are not soft. They are very stiff even after washing a few times. Please write back and let me know what you found out. Thanks  Sandy dudley -- Reply 13 Apr 2004

Answer#1: Soften sheets. I was looking for a way to soften sheets that I got too. In the past, one sure-fire way that has worked for me is to wash them with Soda Ash (pure Sodium Carbonate) and Synthropol detergent. These are both items I had on hand for hand dyeing fabric. But alas, I am all out of these two products and they aren't available locally.

So, I was wondering if you got any answers to your question and had any other ideas?? Thanks. -- Jill Kurtz Reply 16/08/2005

Answer#2: How to Soften your Sheets. To soften stiff sheets: Wash them with a cup of salt. You might have to repeat the process two or three times. Do this after you've washed them the way you normally would. OR Add a cup of vinegar to the last rinse.--  Land Amry  05/10/2005

Q: Grease Stain on Silk Shirt. My son got motor grease on my daughter's silk shirt. HELP!!! I've tried soaking in oxy-clean, it won't budge. please help. Thank you,-- Shirlee Dercole Reply (Ref:0142)

Answer#1: Dry Cleaning Fluid -- Martina

Answer#2: grease.  Try dish washing soap -- Tracy Shaw 06/09/2005

Answer#3: i have used gojo on spots like that. -- nancy edwards. 22/10/08

Answer#4: I work for a trucking company and get grease on my clothes everyday. Use WD40 with a paper towel underneath, scrub with a brush or your finger then wash in the regular wash, it will take it out even if you have already washed it before. -- "Larry Hughes" 16/10/08

Answer#5: Removing Grease Stain. I don't know if it will work on a silk shirt but Crisco works wonderful if you get motor grease on your hands. Just rub it on and wipe with a paper towel and wash with soap to remove the remaining Crisco. -- "Nancy Burnett" Reply 10/10/09

Q: I need to learn how to Dye Carpet. Can't afford to change it out right now and have heard it could be dyed. Has anyone ever done this? Reply  Gary Carter (Ref:0523)

A: Dying Carpets: I am fixing up a mobile home to sell and the carpet are stained. I have dyed many things, living in N.C on 200 remote acres Living so far away from town I had to do many things I never would have tried. I had a ugly light mauve carpet, ruined I might add from past renters, I had a area on property filled with Polk plants, since I had used the berries ( be cautious Polk can be extremely poisons) on other fabrics I thought could not make it much worse, so pick a small bucket ( coffee cans worth of the berries rendered it down by heating to a full boil and added a 1/4 cup vinegar to it , put in my rug shampoo and off I went, I used a much berries as needed, and it turned out a medium mauve and looks much better, you can use many plants, Grass is good too, Rid dye will take on some carpet if you add vinegar with it. Personally if its got real wood under it I rip the nasty stuff out and sand it then stain and get some cool area rugs. Good luck, -- Mesha  Mesha Putnam   Jan 24 2006


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