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Q: Nicotine  Stains  Does anyone know how to remove nicotine stains from cloth curtains? --Val  "Val Robinson" (Ref:0143) Reply 

A: Stain on Curtains. I use ammonia on every thing that is yellow. I pour straight on, will not bleach colors, then wash in machine. I mix 2oz in 16oz bottle and clean everything that will not go into washer. We are smokers and it works great for that yellow closet stain across the hangers, pour on straight. Hope this helps. PJ -- Aug 29 2007

Q: Jacket Stains. I have a favourite jacket, which I like to wear quite regularly. The other day when I was painting my sons birdcage with an aerosol can I carelessly got drips of paint on my sleeves and the front. It is a cream nylon jacket with polyester inside. I would like to restore the jacket. Please help -- "Scott Beattie" Reply (Ref:0072)

A: Jacket Stains. If its just grime stains from everyday use then you can spray the jacket with SprayNine and throw it in the washer with warm water and it will clean it right up! it works for my white jacket! i heard spraying them with Simple Green will work well too! hope this helps. -- malindas album. 4/12/07

Q: Furniture Decal Removal. I bought a solid maple dresser/wardrobe (from the1940's) which has a decal on the front panel. The design of the decal appears to be from the style of the 40' or 50's, so it has likely been on the dresser for many years. Does anyone know how I can remove the decal without harming the finish of the wood? Thanks! Cindy.-- John D. MacMillan Reply 

A: Decal Removal . Hi. I don't know how long ago you asked this question. A decal is usually applied by soaking the paper it is created on, and sliding the decal off. On furniture, it will be permanently fixed to the finish by spraying a topcoat over the whole surface, usually lacquer. The decal becomes a part of the finish. You can try to use a cabinet scraper or single edge razor blade to try to scrape it off, while leaving the rest of the finish. The success of this depends upon whether there was finish on the surface before the decal was applied. If so, you may be able to scrape just enough to remove the decal on the surface and leave enough finish left to sand and buff out. Otherwise, you will need to strip it and refinish the surface. Good luck. -- .Paul McCloud Service Technician for PianoSD Reply

Q: Temporary litter boxes. We have an older cat who lately has decided to use my mattress as a cat box. How can I get the smell of cat urine out of it ? I have tried everything. Please help. By the way we have already banned her from the bedroom. -- "Kim" Reply.  (Ref:0113a)

A: Cat Urine Smell . Not sure if anyone ever answered your question and I couldn't tell how old your question was, but in case you're still looking for an answer, click on the link below.

Smelleze™ Urine Deodorizer Granules, from www.imtek.biz Regards Mathew -- "Matthew Berg" 8/04/08

Q:  Gasoline Stains. I spilled gasoline on some clothing and other fabric materials. I would like  suggestions on how to get the smell out. -- Reply  (Ref:0427)

A: Gasoline Smell . If the clothes are able to be dry cleaned, the OMS used in dry cleaning should take it out. Check with your dry cleaners. -- Knotts, David, Civilian" David.A.Knotts. 21/04/08

Q: Fruit fly problem I heard on a TV. program about an easy 1 day remedy to take care of fruit flies in the kitchen, but cannot remember what it is. Does anyone know of anything? Please respond to -- Reply The Oswald's (Ref:0261) 

Answer Query: Ref:0261 Fruit fly problem   Don't know how old your question was but here goes; it works great for me. I  use equal parts liquid dish soap, water and apple cider vinegar. If the  problem is really bad you may want to increase the apple cider and decrease  the water. Hope this helps! Dawn Channer --   20 Oct 2002

A: Fruit Flies . Two things i have done that worked:
1. If you have wine in the house, pour a small amount in a short cup overnight, they will come to it and drown. (if you don't want to waste good wine on bugs).
2. same thing with a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Like i said this worked for me. -- Lisa Mayles,

Q: Removing Glue from Clothing Hope you don't mind me asking, but did you find an answer to this problem? I have just ruined a favourite top and am frantic. Regards Leeta   Leeta Chapman Reply 27 Jan 2004

Spread some sun-shine today - Become a Chemoangel 

 /_\     www.chemoangelReply   Margie 

A: Removing Hot Glue. Hello, I saw your question on www.qznaz.com. I am also looking for tips to remove hot glue, I did find a couple of websites for this and they all said to put the garment in the freezer and then peel back the glue. Another suggestion was to put the garment on several pieces of paper towel and use a hot iron. I haven't tried these as yet but will give it a try. Hope this helps you. Yvonne -- Yvonne Short . 6/05/08

Q: Candle Wax on Sofa How can I get green candle wax off of my new yellow sofa, I have already tried the brown paper bag and hot iron. It did not take it all out. Anything else? Reply  (Judith Dodson) (Ref:0568)

A: Candle Wax. I used a Iron & paper towels, I put a towel over the paper towel and the wax came off on the paper towel, It took more than one application but I had a lot of it on mine. Hope it works for you.. Nita -- Nita Johnes 11/08/08

Q: Removing Contact Paper. Help!!! I am trying to remove contact paper from some kitchen cabinets. It appears to have been there for sometime. The top layer comes off fine, but it has a bottom layer that is similar to plastic, a real thin plastic and  nothing seems to penetrate it. It just doesn't want to come off. Is there any product that will loosen the adhesive so that it will come up easier and not ruin the wood? Any suggestions would be appreciated. -- Reply. (Ref:0115)

A: Loosen Contact Paper. Try using your hair dryer on hot, holding it close and swinging it back and forth, that should loosen the glue. Lift a corner and start pulling heating as you go. -- Pauline Seyferth. 5/07/08


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