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Recreational Hints and Tips;  sports - fishing, and more.Rubik's Cube: Lubricate with talcum powder. - - Ron Sutherland


Soccer: Practice heading with balloons to build your confidence. - Anon.

Soccer Boots. If you have new soccer (Football) boots, soak them in water, stuff them with newspaper, and then allow them to dry out. After each game stuff them with newspaper again. - Steven Reed, London

Tennis Balls: If your tennis balls are wet, dry them out in the tumble dryer. - Anon.

I learned to swim by using flippers. It was a painless and easy route as I was swimming with ease from the first moment I donned them. --  Richard Fiske Reply

Do you get "finger squeak" while playing the guitar?  Cold water and moisturizing cream does the trick -- Sonny Gill

You can clean out trumpets and brass instruments with warm soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards. Lubricate the valves with valve oil afterwards. - Scott Edmunds.

To clean inside your guitar fill it with uncooked rice, give it a good shake, and then let it all fall out. - Bob Peterson.

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Always clean wind instruments such as clarinets after you play with them. To clean a clarinet properly use a knitting needle to push a small piece of flannelette sheet through it. - James Wyatt - Bedford - England.

If you get finned by a cat fish, pour any soda over it and it will stop the stinging and cleanse it at the same time......I know I tried it ;o) -- Gwen Comment

Bream Fishing. These have a sweet tooth, so mix some melted molasses with your ground bait. - James Emerson, Buxton.

Fishing: If you have a long carbon-fibre rod don’t go out in thunderstorms, and keep away from power lines as they conduct electricity. – Robin Edmunds.

Salmon Fishing. Salmon are attracted to female pheromones, so keep an item of your wife or girlfriends clothing along with the bait feathers. - Anon.

Fishing. I have found that useful substitutes for live fishing-bait include: breadballs, or cheeseballs. Sweet-corn kernels are good as well. - Darren Emerson, Buxton.

I like to use pieces of sausage as fishing bait. Fruit such as red or black currents, other berries, and banana pieces are good as well. . - Darren Emerson, Buxton.

If you catch small fish such as minnows to use as bait, they can be frozen and used later. Don't thaw them out fully though, as they get too soggy to keep on the hook otherwise. - - J.D. Thorley, Bristol.

Stop your fishing hooks from corroding by keeping some grains of rice in the hook box. - - Anon.

If you are fishing with maggots it is important to keep them warm, if the weather is cold. You need them to wriggle about as much as possible to attract the fish. Fish love it if they are colored with food coloring, and flavored with things like curry powder. - - Henry Pierce.

A fishing Website for you to check out: www.willyworms.co.uk

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