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Tips and Advice on Candlewax Removal

Dripping Candle Wax: The best way to get rid of candle wax stains is not to get them there in the first place, there are a few simple ways to avoid them 

Candlewax Comment I thought 'placing a paper bag on the floor and ironing it??!! U must be insane' I couldn't put my mind around how it would work, but the candle wax is gone!! - It actually works don't be afraid to do it!! -- tinuodunsi

1. Buy better candles, cheap candles have lots of additives in them that cause them to stain worse, try a candle that is nothing but paraffin wax, scent, color, and stearic acid (the acid helps the candle wax burn away so there is little to no dripping.)  
 even dripless candles drip if there is a draft near where they are burning, make sure they are not near any open windows, fans, or heater vents.  
3. make sure that the candle holder is big enough to hold any spillovers.  
 never blow out your candles, use a snuffer, if you don't have one a shot glass or juice glass over the wick until the flame is out works great. and  
5. if you have just put a candle out don't move it until the wax has solidified again. -- niki nance

Red Wax Stain in carpet: I have the answer and it takes less than 5 minutes. No hot irons required. If you have a small shampooer, boil water in a kettle and pour it directly on the wax. Suck it up immediately. I did this on a white wool rug and was amazed to see the wax and the colour disappear totally. L. Lowe Cambridge, Ontario Canada -- More on Candlewax stains

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